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Donald Trump was an Ibiza raver

A stash of archive photos have been unearthed

  • Words: Alvin Lambretta | Images: Biblioteca de la Santa Eulalia
  • 1 April 2016

A stash of archive photographs seem to show a young Donald Trump raving in Ibiza.

The images were unearthed by White Isle historian Andre Tonto, who’s currently researching a book about the colourful relationship between Ibiza and politics.

Of course, the island is a known favourite of world leaders. English Prime Minister David Cameron has been papped enjoying café culture in Ibiza old town, while it’s rumoured that former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi hosted his famous bunga bunga parties in a luxury villa on the coveted north coast.

Tonto believes the images of Trump going ham at Amnesia were taken in 1989, pre-dating the rise of the American rave scene by several years. This would make Trump something of a musical pioneer.

“These photos should come as no surprise. American politicians have been coming to Ibiza to let their hair down for years,” Tonto told Mixmag.

He says he came across them in the archive of a library in Santa Eulalia, which specialises in Ibizan cultural studies.

“I probably wouldn’t have noticed normally, but Donald Trump has been everywhere in the media lately. Something just clicked,” Tonto said.

His findings will be including in the first few chapters of his book, which will be dedicated to chronicling the rise of Ibiza as a party spot for the rich and powerful.

Mixmag contacted a number of long-serving club owners to find out if anyone had the skinny on Trump’s rave days, but no one replied to our requests. However, a Beefa-based mole tells us that the island’s movers and shakers are sworn to a pact of secrecy, making sure Ibiza’s less fashionable visitors don’t ruin its youthful reputation.

Mixmag’s Ibiza correspondent Antony Pildora said: “None of my contacts know anything. One ex-raver said they might have spoken to Trump on the Amnesia terrace once, but reckoned it was just Danny Rampling twatting about in his dad’s toupee.”

So will Trump come to be known as The Wolf Of Talamanca? Probably not. But this does prove that no one can resist a party, no matter how important they are.

Alvin Lambretta is Mixmag's Republican watchdog

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