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DJ Manny readies 'Greenlight' LP on Teklife

Breakneck footwork from one of Chicago's finest

  • Alex Green
  • 20 August 2017

Teklife have unveiled ‘Green Light’, their latest release and a ten-track album by DJ Manny.

Born and raised in Harvey, Chicago, DJ Manny is already a respected name in his native city. He was mentored by both DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn and has danced footwork since the age of ten. ‘Greenlight’ is his fifth release on Teklife Records. Manny is both a dancer and DJ and understands how in footwork the two must work symbiotically. The album features minimal, sparse rhythms, vintage jungle and breakneck footwork.

Renowned footwork and juke label Teklife was founded by the late DJ Rashad who sadly passed away in April 2014. The album features guest appearances from DJ Taye, DJ Lucky, DJ Chap and Sucia.

‘Greenlight’ is out October 6. Preorder it via the Teklife website.

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