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DJ Deeon

'Deon Doez Deon!' (Numbers)


  • Seb Wheeler
  • 8 April 2015
DJ Deeon

Numbers reissues four DJ Deeon slammers for this 'Best Of' plate, which comes fully remastered and, as you'd expect, jacked with energy.

These nugs are worth a mint on Discogs so give thanks to the Glaswegians for getting 'em back on wax in 2015.

'2 Be Free' is pure 'taps aff' house euphoria, 'House-O-Matic' and 'The 604' are hard and fast and pump like a gigolo on one too many Viagras, and 'Freak Like Me' is fierce/sensual genius.

Loads of young producers working in bass are channelling the spirit of ghetto-house and Dance Mania, so it's only right that the legends are upheld accordingly.

Plus, these beats bang harder than a thousand copycats put together.

Don't mess with Chicago!

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