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Disney to purchase SFX and acquire TomorrowWorld

TomorrowWorld could face major changes

  • Valerie Lee
  • 1 April 2016

A month out from the initial announcement of the conglomerate's bankruptcy, SFX Entertainment may now be seeing the first major signs of interest from a giant corporation.

Disney has been revealed as the leading buyer in the reconstruction of Robert Sillerman's former company. Legal documents have unveiled that The Walt Disney Company now intends to acquire SFX Entertainment Inc.

Disney's acquisition could be a major turn of events for SFX's entities, especially for TomorrowWorld. Despite the fact that earlier this year, TomorrowWorld made an official announcement that it would not be returning in 2016, Disney's entry into the situation could revive the festival and see it take on a major new direction.

The two entities have had a bumpy history. "Tomorrowland" has existed within the Disney realm for decades as one of its theme park's celebrated theme lands. When the Belgium festival first expressed interest in making its way to the United States, Disney was adamant that the festival change its name in order not to encroach on its own Tomorrowland.

On the flip side, Disney's 2015 feature film release Tomorrowland was actually unable to release internationally under its given name due to the Belgian festival's trademark and was forced to alter its title in several countries.

It seems as though the tug-of-war battle has finally come to a close in the United States as Disney prepares to take on TomorrowWorld and other SFX entities under its wing.

Sources have said that Disney has already expressed interest in finding a way to integrate the theme park into the existing electronic music establishment, possibly alluding to TomorrowWorld returning in a newly presented theme park and resort form.

Valerie Lee is Mixmag's West Coast Editor. Follow her on Twitter

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