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Definitely Happening Q&A

An interview with DJ and designer Luke Storey aka DJ IQ

  • Lewis Munro
  • 20 May 2016

After winning the UK under 18’s DMC championship at an early age, and having a successful career DJing for the likes of Jehst and Professor Green, Storey turned his focus onto designing.

Now on his second collection, Definitely Happening features a range of hoodies, sweats and tees, with printed graphics inspired by pop culture and vintage Americana, with subtle UK and American streetwear references.

We caught up with the DJ turned designer to find out more about the brand and what influences him:

Can you remember your first conscious fashion choice?
A leather jacket customised by my mum. I wanted to be Michael Jackson in Bad.

What’s the ethos behind Definitely Happening?
Definitely happening relates to everyday life and really, what it means for me, to be human. That's why I have words like 'Anxious' 'Awkward' and 'Paranoid' on clothes. People can relate. There are other deeper meanings to the other words I've got on clothes in Season 2. You need to read between the lines. Its my take on fashion and design. The way I want things to look and feel. Definitely Happening is what happens in between your plans, the things that happen inspite of ourselves. Often the coolest shit that carries the most meaning in the end is the stuff we don't plan.

Would you say the brand is a representation of your own personal style?

We also know you DJ, is there any other music projects you’re working on at the moment?
Most of my energy at the moment is focused on developing my clothing brand, but I DJ at a spot in west LDN regularly as well as playing the gigs that come my way. Like I DJ'd at the 02 arena the other week, Opening for Cold Play. I definitely didn't plan on that. I haven't worked on production for a while, although I did produce the soundtrack for the latest campaign job I did with Sperry / Size?.

Are there any musicians you’ve recently discovered via social media that you think people should check out?
Daniel OG! Wavy shit I feel he'll be the next up. Skepta obviously goes hard. I'm also listening to the Katrynada album at the moment daily.

Other than social media, what other platforms would you recommend for promoting your brand?
Check out www.rufflr.com both my collections I've designed so far (seasons 1&2) are all there and available to cop.

And finally, what’s Definitely Happening next?
Working on season 3, I keep getting new ideas so I keep working. I want to collaborate with other artists too.

Head over to the Rufflr website to shop the Definitley Happening collections.

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