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Deadmau5 reckons Jack Ü's track with Justin Bieber "blows donkeyballs"

He sure isn't feeling 'Where Are Ü Now'

  • Mixmag staff
  • 3 July 2015

Deadmau5 has been going in on Justin Bieber again, only this time Diplo and Skrillex are on the end of the dissing as well.

He did make it clear that he thinks Diplo and Skrillex, the latter who reckons babies could be making music in ten years, are "cool" dudes, but he's not feeling their Jack Ü track 'Where Are Ü Now" with Bieber, someone he's not exactly matey with.

Of course he didn't stop there. He went on to say he had to go to sleep to "unconciously scrape this shitty fucking 3rd grade production and autotuned "singing" bullshit out of my head". Oh, and said it "blows donkeyballs".

It was only the other day he had his say on performances, saying if you're not spending loads of cash on stage shows, you don't deserve the hefty paycheck for playing.

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