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​Deadly shooting in Florida reportedly connected to “large rave party”

A “Project X” event outside Orlando

  • Harrison Williams
  • 24 July 2017

A shooting occurred in Mount Dora, Florida outside a “large rave party” over the weekend, leaving one man dead and one man in critical condition.

According to News 6, authorities said two men were shot near Sheridan Road around 2:30 AM on Saturday morning.

The Lake County Sheriff's Office suspects the shooting was related to a “Project X” rave that was in the nearby area, which had approximately 500 to 1,000 people in attendance.

Deputies who responded to the shooting said they found Steven Charlostin, 21, shot dead inside a car that was reported stolen. The officers also found another man in a nearby driveway who was taken to the hospital. Apparently both victims attended the “Project X” rave.

The “Project X” event was held in a nearby plaza close to where both men were found.

Authorities are unsure of the exact location where the shooting took place and do not have information on the shooter at this time.

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