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Chris Lake and WAV embark on an adventure for ‘Turn Off The Lights’

The label debut receives a worthy cinematic counterpart

  • Valerie Lee
  • 1 March 2018
Chris Lake and WAV embark on an adventure for ‘Turn Off The Lights’

Without question, there was an entire season of dancefloors dominated by Chris Lake’s irresistible ‘Operator (Ring Ring)’ anthem. Beyond his abilities as a sharp producer, he’s now set to add “label boss” to his repertoire thanks to an exciting new partnership between music and content platform WAV and his own newly launched Black Book Records.

The imprint’s debut release is an original production called ‘Turn Off The Lights’, which also serves as the first feature for Atlanta-based singer, Alexis Roberts. The video, mimicking the slick house tones of the track, plunges viewers into a sultry storyline around two androgynous characters who quickly reveal their true colors when they successfully trick an unsuspecting Chris Lake out of his shiny new BMW.

It’s not long before the pair’s “Bonnie and Clyde” act times out and the video takes a surprising turn, which also sheds light behind the track’s name.

Watch the full music video for ‘Turn Off The Lights’ below.

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