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The Fandango Club launch their 'More Acid Traxx, Less Acid Attacks' campaign

60% of every T-shirt will be donated to the Katie Piper Foundation

  • Lewis Munro
  • 24 October 2017

In light of the prevalent acid attacks that have been hitting the streets and nightclubs of London this past year, electronic music inspired brand The Fandango Club, has launched a campaign to help spread awareness and tackle the horrific attacks with their ‘More Acid Traxx, Less Acid Attacks’ T-shirt.

Launched in early 2017, the T-shirt features the play on words, relating to the Acid House genre of music – with 60% of all purchases donated to the Katie Piper foundation.

For more information or to purchase a T-shirt and support the course, head over to The Fandango Club website now.

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