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Charlotte de Witte and Chris Liebing join forces on 'Liquid Slow'

The two-tracker is the first release on de Witte's new KNTXT imprint

  • James Ball
  • 24 August 2019
Charlotte de Witte and Chris Liebing join forces on 'Liquid Slow'

Techno titans Chris Liebing and Charlotte de Witte will release a new collaborative EP, titled 'Liquid Slow'.

It will be the debut release on de Witte's newly formed label, KNTXT.

The two-track EP, which features the slamming title track and 'In Memory', is due for release on September 27.

The idea behind the collaboration was born at Awakenings Festival. de Witte explains, "we have shared a lot of laughs, a couple of beers and a million different mixdown versions of both tracks. I consider Chris to be my friend and I’m very proud and honoured to have worked with him on this EP."

“I field-recorded the sound of a crane that was already taking stuff down next to us and thought it would be a good starting point,“ says Chris. Despite the fact that the sample didn't made it on to this release, he teased a future collaboration, saying "who knows, maybe there is more in the pipeline, I still have the recording."

Head here to pre-order the EP.

Check out the EP artwork, as well as a live stream of Liebing's hammering set at Terminal V, below.

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