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These DJ cats are absolutely adorable

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home got their tenants on the decks for World DJ Day

  • Dave Turner
  • 9 March 2016

Seeing as it's World DJ Day, we thought we'd treat you to some exclusive photos of a few disc jockeys on the decks.

They're not snaps from inside some of the world's best clubs, though. Instead they're at London's Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

It's the tabbies, not the hounds, that are having all the fun, showing off their DJ prowess and proving why they're the best scratchers around on their new toy.

Chrissie Lloyd-Smith of the Battersea establishment said: “Cats scratch to mark their territory, exercise their muscles and just for sheer pleasure, so why not mix that natural instinct with a bit of fun. The DJ deck spins as the cat scratches so this creative new cat enrichment tool is a great way to support our budding cat stars as they exhibit their natural behaviour.

“We hope the house tunes our funky felines have been making leads them to their very own homes where they can continue making sweet music and bringing their Battersea beats to life.” Hopefully their future owners are fans of mouse music, then.

Promoters of the world's first ever cat club in Japan should probably give Battersea Dogs & Cats Home a ring. Who knows, they might find the next Felix Da Housecat, Richie Pawtin or Claw VonStroke.

Check a selection of images of DJ Barney, DJ Crystal and DJ Diamond in the gallery above. There's no sign of recent Lab LDN guests Catz 'N Dogz but they will make you wanna purrrty.

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Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter here

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