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Cassy preps new three-track 'Cassy 004' EP

Ready yourself for sleek, hypnotic techno

  • Alex Green
  • 12 August 2017

Cassy has announced a new solo EP. 'Cassy 004' contains three new tracks and is set for release on the Austria-raised artist's own self-titled label in September.

Last year Cassy dropped 'Donna' on the AUS Music label. Since then she's spent time crafting numerous remixes on labels like Watergate and prepping this, a three-track effort on a label that hasn't seen a release since 2010's 'Cassy 003'.

Cassy created the self-titled imprint in 2006 with no plan or set schedule. The EP features tracks entitled 'One', 'Two' and a rework of 'One'. All are sleek, hypnotic cuts aimed at the dancefloor.

'Cassy 004' is out on September 15.

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