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Carl Cox reckons a VIP culture has "spoilt" Ibiza

He's also starting to think about cutting down on gigs

  • Mixmag staff
  • 25 August 2015

Some might say Ibiza's not what it once was and Carl Cox is one of those.

The Intec boss has spent the summer playing his Music Is Revolution parties at Space, as well as DJing at Music On at Amnesia and Radio 1 at Ibiza Rocks Hotel, but he's not too keen on the growth of the VIP sector on the island.

Reminiscing about when it was "just a tiny little place in Spain that not many people knew about" with the Daily Record, Coxy speaks of his displeasure towards the more expensive venues.

"It's not just me being old, Ibiza is spoilt now. You can go down to the Hard Rock Hotel and you've got Ushuaïa with its high-end DJs, big bottle service tables and two-tier VIP areas. Everyone used to be together when they went out and on the same dancefloor.

"If you go to David Guetta at Pacha you're going to be spending 85 euros entry, your drink will be between 15-20 euros and one drink is not going to last you all night. You used to be able to afford to make the most of your money on the island but now you need a lot to enjoy it. The thing is there has to be a commercial end on the island. If you want to see Guetta or Eric Prydz, you're going to pay to see them."

As well as saying he's started to think about cutting down on shows because he doesn't "want to be like the Rolling Stones", he revealed why Music Is Revolution is called what it is.

"I felt that based on how commercial the island was becoming, my revolution was against the way things were going – if you want to hear good underground music by DJs playing not just because they're number two or number four in the charts but because their music is what they're passionate about."

He also spoke to us recently about his favourite afterparty in Ibiza, which you can check out here.

[ Via: Daily Record]
[ Photo: Jos Kottmann]