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Canadian festival will carry out free drug testing this weekend

Evolve will have staff onsite to test LSD, MDMA and speed

  • MIxmag staff
  • 8 July 2015

Evolve Festival is going to be dishing out free drug testing kits this weekend.

The four-day event arrives in Nova Scotia on July 9 and will become the first festival in the province to offer free analysis of LSD, MDMA and speed, having been notified of bath salts being onsite in the past.

Festival-goers will be able to provide a sample of their drug to staff, with information about the pureness or toxicity being relayed to them after two litmus tests.

Jonas Colter, the Evolve producer, outlines that staff will just be revealing the results of the tests, rather than implying to users that they can take the drugs worry-free.

"It's a matter of not telling the person they've got a good drug or a bad drug. It's a matter of giving them the information. Especially in terms of when it is something toxic."

We reported last week that DanceSafe, a harm reduction group, was asked to leave Electric Forest festival in Michigan, while test kit providers the Bunk Police had their equipment taken at Bonnaroo.

[Via: CBC]
[Photo: Chris Smith]

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