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Official campaign to re-open Fabric will start next week

Co-founder Keith Reilly has called on the clubbing community for support

  • Seb Wheeler
  • 8 September 2016

The campaign to re-open fabric will begin next week.

Club co-founder Keith Reilly told those looking to get involved to keep watch of the fabric website, where full details will be revealed.

Speaking to Thris Tian on Worldwide FM, he said: "If we don't stand up for ourselves, we will be persecuted and harassed."

Reilly also said that Islington council licensing sub-committee, which revoked fabric's licence on Tuesday night, had "slit the throat of creativity."

Noticeably angered by the treatment of the club at the hands of the Metropolitan Police – who recently undertook an undercover operation of the venue called "Lenor" – Reilly called for the clubbing community to come together to support fabric.

Reilly said the campaign will see fabric work together with the Night Time Industries Association and key figures like Alexander Proud, the night club owner who earlier today confirmed that fabric would be appealing the licensing decision.

The NTIA will help fabric crowdfund up to £500,000 to help with legal fees, as part of a so-called "Fund For Fabric".

Talking about donations to the forthcoming campaign, Reilly said: "£10 isn't a lot to protect your freedom and the thing you love".

Both Reilly and Proud are adamant that "we will win".

Label owner, DJ and fabric veteran Kasra and renowned club photographer Sarah Ginn have already expressed an interest to Mixmag about raising money for fabric. Hundreds of readers have also voiced support on our Facebook page, so expect this campaign to be big.

It'll launch via

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