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Brooklyn Mirage in NYC deemed fire hazard and forced to close

The pop-up venue's permit has been revoked

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 31 May 2016

Ahead of the long Memorial Day weekend on Thursday evening, Brooklyn Mirage - a scenic indoor and outdoor venue in Williamsburg - was forced to shut down by the New York Fire Department.

The closure was issued after the Department determined that the venue was a fire hazard, apparently citing that there was too much 'combustible material' and that there were not enough staff on site in order to prevent a fire.

Unfortunately, the Department also decided to revoke the pop-up venue's "temporary place of assembly permit", which was supposed to remain valid until June 19.

The Brooklyn Mirage has since issued a statement on its Facebook page, explaining that the shut down was issued "at 5:00pm thus precluding us from obtaining an official explanation since their offices had closed", and "prior to this order, we had passed several DOB and FDNY safety inspections".

Luckily, the venue hadn't planned to host any events during the weekend and the organizers plan to share more updates on the venue's status and future next week.

Read Brooklyn Mirage's full statement below.

[Via: THUMP]