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Book yourself a $15,000 private jet to Burning Man

Flight company Burner Air is offering a range of flights to the desert festival this year

  • Mixmag staff
  • 11 June 2015

Got a spare couple of grand lying around? Then book yourself a private jet to Burning Man.

While a one-way from Reno is the cheapest at $599, a return ticket on Burner Air from Los Angeles to the desert festival will set you back $2,999. But if you really fancy larging it up, you can nab the whole plane from San Francisco and back for a modest $14,623.

It might be a shit load of cash to spend on getting to a festival, but just think about how nice it'd be touching down minutes away from your camp when there are thousands in a long line of traffic.

Yeah, it'll make your journey a lot easier, but we're not so sure a load of airplanes falls in line with Burning Man's eco-friendly views.

[ Via: Thump]

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