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Bonobo releases new EP ‘Bambro Koyo Ganda’

Stream a new version of the ‘Migration’ cut below

  • Words: Patrick Hinton | Photo: Neil Krug
  • 6 June 2017

Bonobo has put out a new EP titled ‘Bambro Koyo Ganda’ via Ninja Tune. The lead track is taken from his latest album ‘Migration’, and arrives backed with a new Stylewar-directed video.

The three-track digital release also features a new stripped-back “Analog Version” of the Innov Gnawa-featuring cut, alongside a new production called ‘Samurai’ which combines chopped vocal samples with swelling musical layers.

Bonobo has also teamed up with Horizon Studios to release a new Virtual Reality interactive experience of listening to ‘Outlier’ on Google’s Daydream platform, in which users journey through mind-bending landscapes and are able to manipulate the music and surroundings using the Daydream controller as they move through stages of the track and terrain. Download it via the Google Play store.

You can purchase the EP here, and listen to the new tracks and check out the ‘Bambro Koyo Ganda’ video below.

1. Bambro Koyo Ganda (feat. Innov Gnawa)
2. Bambro Koyo Ganda (feat. Innov Gnawa) [Analog Version]
3. Samurai

Patrick Hinton is Mixmag's Digital Staff Writer, follow him on Twitter

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