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New Block9 music project set to launch in London

Glastonbury's clubbing mecca is spreading its wings

  • Emmanuel Grima
  • 12 July 2016

Block9, the team behind Glasto venues NYC Downlow, London Underground, and Genosys, has announced it will be launching a pop-up venue in London.

No location has been set in stone, although Block9 co-founder Stephen Gallagher has said he'd "love it to be on the Southbank, or the Royal Docks."

He added: “Creatively it’s early doors, but it takes the size and scale of the NYC Downlow, Genosys and London Underground, and mashes all of those together to make the motherfucker of all experiences.”

It's expected to be set up in various European cities, too.

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[Via: FACT]

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