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​Barclay Crenshaw teases debut album with mixtape

The alias is Claude VonStroke’s latest hip hop project

  • Jaguar Bingham
  • 18 December 2016

Claude VonStroke has dropped his debut mixtape, ‘Transmissions 001’, under his real name Barclay Crenshaw.

The mixtape features tracks which inspired the album from the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, MF Doom and DJ Shadow. It also includes some exclusive new tracks and edits from Barclay, and a hook up with The Cool Kids on ‘U Are in My System’.

Barclay Crenshaw is also kicking off his debut tour in the US at Low End Theory in LA on January 25.

You can stream the mixtape and check out the tracklist below.


Barclay Crenshaw - “Fatal Error” [STX&BRX]

Everydayz & Phazz - “Almeria” (20syl Remix) [NOWADAYS]

A Tribe Called Quest - “Whateva Will Be” [EPIC]

Special Ed - “I Got It Made” [PROFILE]

Barclay Crenshaw feat. The Cool Kids - “U Are In My System” [STX&BRX]

Barclay Crenshaw - Unoffical "Stuntin' is a Habit" Bootleg [WHITE LABEL]

What So Not - Buried feat Rome Fortune (Barclay Crenshaw VIP Remix) - [WHITE LABEL]

Royalston feat. August Storm - “Jungle Gone Down” [MED SCHOOL]

French Fries - “Vogue (Unreleased DJ Madd 165 Edit)” [DIRTYBIRD]

Schlachthofbronx - “Don" (Barclay Crenshaw Edit)” [STX&BRX]

DJ Shadow - “Swerve” [Mass Apeeal}]

Salva - “Drop That Bitch” [PEACEMAKER]

Barclay Crenshaw - “The Real X Files (Instrumental)” [STX&BRX]

MF Doom - “Hoe Cakes” [RHYMESAYERS]

J.J. Fad - “Supersonic” [RUTHLESS]

Bleep Bloop - “Denial” [BLEE P BLOOP]

Losco - “Wolf” [TRAPDOOR]

Point Point - “You Will Never Know” [RECORD RECORD]

The Flatbush Zombies - “Trade Off” [GLORIOUS DEAD]

Barclay Crenshaw - “Artifacts (Instrumental)” [STX&BRX]

Doshy - “Phases” [SLIT JOCKEY]

Barclay Crenshaw - “Gene Sequence” [STX& BRX]

Deebs - “Realize” [TRAPDOOR]

Jaguar is Mixmag's Weekend Editor. Follow her here

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