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Arcadia: The Story Of The Spider

The first documentary from Olmeca Tequila's 'Switch On The Night' series

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 28 October 2013

Mixmag has teamed up with Olmeca Tequila to create the ultimate documentary series of the people, places and products that Switch On The Night. It's ten-parts long and looks at the iconic, the immersive and the intense sides of the dance music industry.

First in the series is Arcadia: The Story Of The Spider. Those who went to Glastonbury or Boomtown this year will have raved to the gigantic fire-breathing spider-cum-soundsystem. In this documentary we meet the team of artists, builders and performers who created this beast and see the dedication and hard work involved. Using scrap metal, jet engines, and afterburners, the Arcadia team manage to make incredible structures that work as soundsystems, lighting rigs, performance stages and visual art all in one.

We also follow drum 'n' bass producer DJ Die as he prepares for his set up in the arachnid's 30ft high DJ Booth. Die also runs the Clearskyz record label – check their latest release from Critical Impact here.

Watch the trailer below and remember to click subscribe to see the full documentary this Thursday.

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