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Apple's new AirPods Pro will reinvent your day-to-day life

Flexible comfort and noise cancellation combine for an exceptional experience

  • Devyn White
  • 29 October 2019
Apple's new AirPods Pro will reinvent your day-to-day life

Apple has released a follow-up to their original 2016 AirPods. The new AirPods Pro features active noise cancellation and a comfortable, lightweight design along with other developments.

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The noise cancelling technology works with the use of two microphones. One is outward-facing in an effort to detect external noise, allowing the software to create anti-noise to cancel out background sounds.

The second microphone is inward-facing, allowing the device to listen towards the ear and cancel out any remaining distracting noises. Combined with an adaptive EQ to level out the varying sound frequencies, the AirPods Pro create an all-encompassing experience. For bass lovers, the driver hits as low as 20Hz.

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The advanced design incorporates three different silicone ear tips, as well as an internal vent system to even out pressure, giving a comfortable experience to every user. The lightweight design is also sweat and water-resistant.

Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, boasts "AirPods are the best-selling headphones in the world. The one-tap setup experience, incredible sound and iconic design have made them a beloved Apple product, and with AirPods Pro, we’re taking the magic even further."

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Apple continued with even more user-friendly improvements. Transparency mode teeters the noise cancellation feature to allow the listener to hear their surroundings while still having a clear listening experience.

In order to switch between transparency mode and noise cancellation mode, the user can use the new force sensor on the stem which also allows for play, pause, and skip actions. Like the original AirPods, the AirPods Pro allows for up to five hours of listening time with a 24-hour maximum with the accompanying charging case.

AirPods Pro are available for £249. You can order them directly on the Apple website or in the App store. The headphones will be physically available in stores October 30th.

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