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Annie Mac wants to know "Who Killed The Night?" in new documentary

"Is anyone doing anything to help save our nightlife?"

  • Sydney Megan Jow
  • 17 January 2017

Annie Mac's new club culture documentary will be airing tomorrow on BBC Three.

The 30-minute special, titled Who Killed The Night?, will explore the constant controversies circling around nightlife over the past decade.

The famed BBC personality proclaims in a short video preview: "I want - I need - to know why these places I love, that have shaped who I am, are disappearing".

Mac cites that almost half of the UK's clubs have closed down in the last 10 years, including the recent Sankeys. The commentary asks if the reasons behind such closures are due to developers, club owners, police councils or the partiers themselves.

Watch Annie Mac's Who Killed The Night? below.

Sydney is Mixmag's US Digital Content Editor. Follow her on Twitter here

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