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AndHIM 80s set in The Lab

An hour of cheeky boogie cuts in The Lab at Smirnoff House

  • Fraser Boyes
  • 9 September 2015
AndHIM 80s set in The Lab

We took our weekly Lab sessions to Creamfields this year, and invited some of their incredible line-up to play an extra special set for us.

Complete with open plan living room, kitchen bar, bedroom and huge Void Soundsystem, The Lab at #Smirnoffhouse is probably the closest you'll get to seeing artists of this calibre up close and personal with an intimate house party vibe.

AndHIM are two of the most versatile and interesting characters in dance music today. From cheeky bumpin' house music to straight up tech-house rollers, they never fail to deliver the perfect set for the perfect time. And they're always looking to do things differently. So when they said they wanted to use this Lab session to showcase their 80s collection we were delighted. Let's go back to the future.

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