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Alison Wonderland shares 'Messiah' with M-Phazes

The Australian talent returns with a powerful new tune

  • Valerie Lee
  • 2 December 2016

It's been a quiet few months on the musical front for fans of the breakthrough Alison Wonderland, who released her debut album 'Run' back in 2015. Currently hard at work cranking out her next album set to land sometime in 2017, finally, the Australian producer has returned with the release of a brand new single called 'Messiah'.

Her track, which she's been teasing in her live sets for the past several months, remains rooted in heartfelt lyrics and songwriting, which propelled much of her acclaimed album as well. 'Messiah' taps into fellow Australian producer M-Phazes, who has also offered his production talents to major artists ranging from Eminem to Madonna. It's evident in 'Messiah', which, despite remaining a hard-hitting electronic tune, leans heavily into catchy pop influences.

"Pop music is in a really good place at the moment and I’m not against anyone trying to legitimise it again," Alison said in an interview with Mixmag, referencing a Justin Bieber remix she had just released. "Pop isn’t a swear word any more, and I’m not opposed to anyone trying to make music that they like."

'Messiah' is out now on Astralwerks. Listen below.

Valerie Lee is Mixmag's US Digital Editor. Follow her on Twitter here

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