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Agoria is giving you an 'Embrace'

The French producer's new track is out on October 12

  • Dave Turner
  • 11 October 2018
Agoria is giving you an 'Embrace'

Agoria is returning with a new track called 'Embrace' on October 12.

It's out on Virgin Records and features the vocals of Phoebe Kildeer. 'Embrace' falls under his new 'drift' style of music.

Agoria said: “Drift is a mind-set, it’s about freedom in music, and musical taste. Drift as a genre of music is a bridge which unifies, links territories, creating new frontiers, inventing new codes. Drift is sharing the couch between your guilty pleasure and your tasteful opinion.”

Check out Agoria's 'drift' playlist here and listen to 'Embrace' below.

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