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A woman claims she was spiked at elrow in Ibiza

elrow denies a man dressed as Jack Sparrow was a performer at the party

  • Dave Turner
  • 2 August 2018
A woman claims she was spiked at elrow in Ibiza

A woman has shared a detailed account of her drink being 'spiked' at elrow in Amnesia, Ibiza.

She claims a man dressed as Jack Sparrow from the film Pirates Of The Caribbean, who she believed was an elrow staff member, dropped a substance in her drink. She decided not to drink it and managed to leave the club safely.

In her lengthy Facebook post, she also said after telling bar staff about what happened, she was told there was nothing they could do because "he's at work." However, elrow has denied the man is one of its performers.

Her account of the incident also includes how the man who was dressed as Jack Sparrow had access to a cupboard outside the club and how men near the toilets and by the bar had ear pieces in. She claims the "guys are all talking to each other pointing girls out."

No complaints have officially been made, according to elrow. The party brand has said the man in question was a "customer" and that it is contacting the police about the incident.

Replying to a tweet saying "be careful girls", one Twitter user claims there was also man dressed as Jack Sparrow in Privilege.

If anyone has information regarding this or has encountered something similar, email dave@mixmagmedia.com.

Read the rest of the woman's Facebook post below.

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