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A petition has been launched to support extending California's last call to 4AM

Over 500 people have signed in support

  • Valerie Lee
  • 30 August 2017

Throughout the summer, late night dwellers in the state of California have been eagerly eyeing a bill that is passing its way through the levels to allow local governments within the state to consider pushing last call to 4AM.

As it currently stands, the entire state is bound to a strict 2AM last call for alcohol, which drastically limits the nightlife scenes in hotspots like Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. California Senator Scott Wiener began a campaign for the LOCAL (Let Our Communities Adjust Late Night) Act, which proposed that each municipality within the state be given authority to choose their last call hour, possibly pushing it back to as late as 4AM.

Its most recent move saw LOCAL pass through the Senate level, now leaving it to be approved by the California Assembly and then the governor for final word.

A petition has been started in support of the bill, emphasizing that this level of the bill would not require cities to push back their last call times, but allowing them to "opt in", leaving control in the hands of local municipalities. "This optional tool for local control over nightlife will increase tax revenue and tourism, revitalize business districts, and support nightlife culture in our cities," the petition reads.

As of publication, the petition has already received well over 500 signatures along with a slew of supportive comments. Find more info or sign the bill here.

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