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A new LGBTI house and techno club is opening in Amsterdam

JACK was unveiled at Pride Amsterdam

  • Jasmine Kent-Smith
  • 9 August 2017

Despite its rich array of popular party spots, Amsterdam is set to welcome a brand-new, inclusive club space in the form of JACK.

The new LGBTI venue was launched during Pride Amsterdam's colourful canal parade and is said to be for "everyone who is looking for liberation and mystery", according to the press release.

Focusing on house and techno, JACK hopes to be a "club for the LGBTI community, for young people but also for the ones who have known the electronic music scene for a while now".

In a statement, a spokeswoman for JACK said: “Our public wants to shift their nightlife limits and is looking for more depth. They want more than just a famous headliner and a beer.

"Every night JACK will be a unique experience for every visitor. Because the club is modularly built, JACK can transform every night into something totally different. In this way, we can stimulate the senses and illusions of our visitors.”

For more information, check out JACK on Facebook here.

See an artist's impression of the venue above.

Jasmine Kent-Smith is Mixmag's Digital Intern. Follow her on Twitter

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