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A day in the life of a guy called Kraftwerk

This is dedication

  • Dave Turner
  • 20 July 2016

Without Kraftwerk, today's music landscape may have been very different. The German group inspired techno originators like Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson and Aphex Twin has listed them as a major influence on his work.

Their huge impact might explain why one man from Florida has gone as far as identifying himself as 'Kraftwerk' on his driver's license (either that or there's some nifty Photoshop at play). Not only that, he's totally dedicated himself to the cause by donning himself in the classic red shirt and black tie look and photo documenting his day's events.

His 'Big Day' includes him sipping on a cold brew coffee, driving a truck, record shopping (picking up the group's album 'The Man Machine', of course), feeding some ducks, before finally going to sleep fully clothed.

Check his whole day out in the gallery above.

[Via: Electronic Beats]
[Images: Nazcaplain]

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