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A contaminated batch of amphetamine is making people dangerously violent

Consumers have been acting in a highly irrational and aggressive manner

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 2 October 2015

A dodgy batch of contaminated amphetamine has been causing users to exhibit highly erratic and violent behaviour.

Four incidents have been identified so far in which men have been violently aggressive and performed unusual acts. One 30 year old man climbed onto a pub roof whilst another 24 year old man climbed up a seven foot wall and into a tree.

In one chaotic situation involving two men aged 30 and 47 it took six police officers to restrain one of the men who had become extremely irrational, and he was only calmed once a sedative was administered.

The drug is thought to originate from Blackburn.

Lancashire police have revealed: "Users have become violent, acted irrationally and suffered from dangerously high heart rates.

"They have also been seen to convulse with a complete inability to engage in conversation or control their actions.

"All of the men thought to have taken the drugs have been violently aggressive with police officers and hospital staff."

Sergeant Pete Latham has appealed for "anyone who may have any information as to the source of these drugs to get in contact with us before someone else takes them and potentially put themselves at risk of serious harm."

[Via: The Telegraph]