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'90s rave is the inspiration for RUPTURE's latest collection

Big '90s rave looks from Paris brand RUPTURE

  • Livia Likurti
  • 18 February 2020
'90s rave is the inspiration for RUPTURE's latest collection

French clothing brand RUPTURE's new collection is all about '90s rave.

The SS20 collection is made up of oversized silhouettes, playing into '90s rave era fashion, while the collection's lookbook heavily references the posters that promoted raves back in the day. The sci-fi-like background designs immediately put the clothes centre stage.

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Made of 100 per cent thick cotton, the baggy printed tees either include a "negative portrait with the name of a festival or a 'worldwide clubbing wear' T-shirt," according to RUPTURE's press release.

The likes of Ben Klock and Rebakah have been spotted in garms by RUPTURE, which is heavily influenced by techno.

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The new collection is now available on RUPTURE online store.

Check out the collection below.