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Police allowed a large rave in London to continue despite knowing about it

Ravers 1, Cops 0

  • Mixmag staff
  • 23 October 2015

The police let an illegal rave continue? Surely not.

It's true, though, as cops said the party in London last weekend was "too dangerous" to break up.

It's reported that more than 500 ravers arrived at the abandoned Citicape site in Holborn, central London, before partying undisturbed for 36 hours with "incredibly powerful" soundsystems set up. Good effort.

The City of London police say it was the second site of choice for the revellers, as they were forced away from their first choice site in Fenchurch. The poor old fuzz had to allow the bash to continue as it would have been to problematic for them to break up.

A statement from the police said: "We had shut down the main rave earlier so officers had been deployed there, but as is often the case with these raves, the organisers have a number of locations to fall back to. Most of the time people don't know where it is until minutes before, so it is very hard to act fast enough to prevent them from occurring, which can only happen if you get there ahead of time.

"If you have more than 500 people inside, then you have to make a judgment call about how to proceed - it is a balancing act taking into consideration the safety of people inside."

Ravers 1, Authorities 0.

[ Via: Evening Standard]

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