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3-year-old DJ Arch Jnr wins South Africa’s Got Talent

He's the youngest ever Got Talent series winner

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 9 November 2015

Our favourite toddler DJ has broken the record for youngest person to win the global Got Talent TV series.

Aged just 3-years-old, DJ Arch Jnr picked up the ultimate prize on South Africa's Got Talent last night, after sailing comfortably through the first round last month.

He may not be mixing or beat matching tunes, but for someone his age he sure knows how to work those knobs and faders to get the crowd bouncing in delight. We're sure he'll develop the complete package in time.

Watch footage of his amazing win and subsequent interview with his Dad below.

While the general response to DJ Arch Jnr has been praise and adoration, accusations of exploitation have been leveled at his parents. These have been dismissed by the pair, who affirmed they will support their son to make his own life choices.

They are reportedly putting the £25,000 in winnings earned by Arch Jnr into a trust fund to be used to improve his living conditions and pay for his education.

[Via: Pulse Radio]

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