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15 photos from the breathtaking solar eclipse gathering at Oregon Eclipse

Over 3,000 people descended upon Oregon for a moment of totality

  • Words: Valerie Lee | Photos: Get Tiny Photography
  • 24 August 2017

On Monday morning in North America, the entire continent seemed to stop and stare up in the sky in awe. It was the first solar eclipse visible from North America since 1979 and passed over the entire continent. In specific, a strip of totality reaching from Oregon to South Carolina witnessed the breathtaking moment of total darkness as the Moon blocked the sun entirely.

Allegedly over a million people trekked to Oregon, a popular West coast hotspot to view the solar eclipse's moments of totality. But 3,000 people in specific headed to Oregon Eclipse festival at the Big Summit Prairie along with 300 artists ranging from bass to house to trance for a weekend leading entirely up to the moment of totality, which happened around 10AM PST.

See breathtaking photos from the event and the exact moment of the solar eclipse above.

[Photos: Juliana Bernstein / Get Tiny Photography]

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