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14 record sleeve designs for house records that never had artwork

Getting the visuals they deserve

  • Dave Turner
  • 30 March 2017

During the late '80s and '90s, a number of Chicago house records never received artwork, with proper record sleeve designs usually reserved for albums.

A recent exhibition in Paris, Entercourse Of The New Age, provided illustrators, graphic designers and photographers the platform to finally give some "cult records" a visual aesthetic.

Prior to the event, the organisers said: "The purpose will not be based on an already existing visual code; but to create original, exclusive and contemporary visuals with a sound and text material at its roots.

"We have selected records whose creators never received a proper and singular iconography during their career. For this reason, most of those records come from the house scene of Chicago in the '80s, a scene that didn’t cultivate an aesthetic specific to its music, opposite to the Detroit techno scene where some labels (Underground Resistance and affiliated) established a strong and coherent visual universe."

Larry Heard's 'Gherkin Jerks' and Blake Baxter's 'Sexuality' EP are among the works.

Check out the art in the gallery above.

Artwork from left to right: Ben Marcus 'I Fear The Night', Antoine Orand 'When You Hold Me', Ben Mendelewicz 'I've Lost Control', Check Morris 'Truth', Futur Neue 'New World Order', Jiro Bevis 'I Have A Dream', Guyon Sokol 'Sexuality', J P Bretin 'G Strings', Leon Sadler 'Gherkin Jerks', Martin Woodward 'Blood Cells', Martin Woodward 'Mind Over Matter', Michael Weisser 'Computer Madness', Yann Desfougères 'Entercourse Of The New Age', Hugo Ruyant 'Project Utopia'

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