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We found the Glastonbury bread raver and he's an absolute legend

One lad and his loaf encapsulated what the festival is all about

  • Seb Wheeler & Jack Finnan
  • 29 June 2017
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Did you manage to toast the bread at Arcadia?

The bread didn't make it to Arcadia, that was the biggest shame of the whole night. That's why we need a bigger loaf next year I think. Multiple loaves, one for each night. There's no way I'm going to live the rest of my life and not take a piece of bread to Arcadia and get it toasted on that flamethrower, man.

Were you giving bites out for free?

I was. It was too funny. We had people forming queues at one point. And at the end of it there was a hole in the bread and I stuck my hand in it, waving it in the air.

You gave the whole loaf of bread out, it didn't get dumped on the ground, it got eaten by the people of Glastonbury?

Completely eaten mate, there was none left by the end.

Can you confirm what type of bread it was?

I'm not 100 per cent sure but I think it was sourdough.

Because we had an office bet and I thought it was a Tiger bread.

It was quite crusty on the outside. It was a sourdough with a crusty outside.

I'm embarrassed now 'cos I was arguing that there's no way it was a sourdough. I've never seen a sourdough like it.

Do you know what, I would say it's a sourdough ciabatta.

Will this be a regular thing for you now?

Yeah, we were just talking about it. We're gonna bring more sourdough to festivals, just keep it going. It's a thing now.

Would you ever consider setting up a stall or would you always give the bread out for free?

It's gotta be free man, that's part of the rave dude.

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