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Rave lifers tell us why it's acceptable to go raving aged 37 (and beyond)

"Age is just a number"

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 12 July 2017

Yesterday we woke up to the news that if you had the audacity to go to a club at the age of 37 (or older) then you could officially be considered "tragic". It turned out Brit brand Currys had carried out a 'study' 'researching' the nightlife habits of 'the nation' and the outcome was that people liked to stay home stalking people on Facebook instead of reaching for the strobes on a weekend evening.

We reported on it with a feeling of rage burning in our bellies knowing that such short-sighted bullshit needed to be called out. When we posted it to Facebook, you came in your droves to stick a middle finger up at the corporate electronics authority (and also us, because some people can't read beyond a headline – don't shoot the messenger, OK?!)

So with such a passionate response to the issue, we came looking for your perspective on why clubbers are still going well into their 40s and beyond.

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