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Under the sun: the best outdoor spots to dance at this summer

Soaking up those rays

  • Alex Green
  • 30 June 2017
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Warung Beach Club


To talk of techno sun traps and not mention Warung Beach Club would be a crime. Built almost from scratch by a group of friends from nearby Curitiba, every detail at the Brazilian club is geared towards immersion. The main space, less of a room than a covered outdoor space, looks out to the white, sandy beach. Regulars describe the venue as “the temple”, only opening a few times a month during the summer, and even less over the rest of the year. Fresh local fish, carefully crafted into sushi, is served by the entrance to the club. The venue is fitted with a bespoke sound system. Head to The Garden, a sprawling second dancefloor full of lush greenery and music curated by local DJs, if you’re their for the sunshine.

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