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The Top 100 Tracks Of 2016

The records that defined another excellent year for dance music

  • As voted for by Mixmag staff and contributors
  • 12 December 2016

Dance music has continued its popular ascendency this year, with dance events dominating much of the international music calendar. The top 100 tunes of 2016 reflects the surging numbers attending festivals and clubs across the globe through the domination of tracks primed for hand-raising dancefloor moments that have featured prominently in the sets of the year’s most hyped selectors and struck an emotionally engaging chord. For the most part, these are the records that have soundtracked the memories, from hugging your friends at the main stage of Dekmantel to pumping your fist among a throng of bodies in the vast rooms of Warehouse Project.

That said, it’s by no means one-dimensional. 2016 has seen comebacks we thought were dead in the water, scene mainstays try their hand at wildly new styles, remixes of classic tunes from cutting-edge figures, politically charged electronica and much more besides in another compelling 12 months for electronic music, all of which are represented in the chart.

And the number one? There was only ever going to be one winner. Read on below for the full list.

Listen to the top tracks of 2016 Spotify playlist here

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