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Top 10 Trainspotting scenes

After Danny Boyle confirmed plans for Trainspotting 2 this week, we look back at ten of the best scenes from the original

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 11 September 2015
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It's shite being Scottish

This scene's exploration of nationhood remains pertinent today following the failure of the Yes campaign in last year's Scottish Independence referendum. It's a critique of English colonialism, but it's also damning of the frailty of Scottish nationalism that they would allow themselves (and now actively choose) to be ruled by such "wankers".

Amph’d up job interview

Spud, a character so useless that he's incapable of even appearing incapable without an amphetamine aid. Worried that Spud will somehow pass fit for work and lose his giro benefits, Renton loads him up on speed before he faces the job centre panel. Ewen Bremner's delivery in this scene is flawless.

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