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In Session

Top 10 In Sessions of 2015

We've had a lot of amazing mixes this year, here are our favourites

  • Funster
  • 18 December 2015
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6 St Germain

What we said then: St Germain's In Session shows that despite his time away from the studio, Navarra hasn't taken his finger off the pulse of electronic music for a minute. Whilst warm pads and softened kick drums ease the mix ever forward, the track selection never strays from the sublime

What we reckon now: Exactly the same as before. Beautiful mix.

5 Sherwood & Pinch

What we said then: Press play and enter an ever-changing aural landscape, where you'll be courted by Sherwood's love of heady dub, strung-out atmospheres and surreal, sometimes dystopian, samples as well as Pinch's penchant for futuristic strains of club music, mutated bass and sounds sourced from the eerie black of night.

What we reckon now:
This mix is a proper trip, as to be expected when two dub psychonauts collide. They served it up to promote their excellent collaborative album, "Late Night Endless", and it stands up as one of the most original InSession mixes we've ever published. It's also the perfect way to remind us of Pinch and Sherwood's excellent boat party DJ sets at Outlook this year (shout out Tectonic) and their live set in the fort, too.

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