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This is how much a trip to Ibiza costs in 2017

In case you were wondering how much to save for your hols this season

  • As told to Johnny Pemberton
  • 20 June 2017

Most serious clubbers spend the winter saving money meticulously. Then, in late May, they head out to Ibiza and blow the lot, because YOLO. But how much does the average raver actually spend on their annual White Isle trip? Emily, 23, from Leeds, was on the island earlier this summer and detailed how much she spent on travel, accommodation, food, beer, wine and cocktails in seven days.

The below is based on a trip to Ibiza that we would consider "normal" – ie. a quality holiday with your mates on the best party island in the world. No VIP sections or trips to Blue Marlin, unfortunately. A couple trips to the local offie and a blag here and there, as is definitely necessary. You get the idea.

Prices in euros have been converted using currency exchange rates at time of writing. Party supplies not included – you'll have to use your imagination for that.

Happy holidays!

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