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2016: The year in drugs

A timeline of the biggest drug stories this year

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 9 December 2016
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February 3: Ketamine touted as a cure for severe depression

According to medical experts, ketamine could be the most effective cure for severe depression. Called the "next big thing in psychiatry" by San Francisco psychiatrist L. Alison McInnes, the drug is still in the works, but getting closer, to being used officially for treatment.

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February 11: Report says drugs bought online tend to be high in purity

The rise in drugs purchased on the deep web proved one of 2016’s fastest growing trends. Found beyond the reach of standard search engines, sites like Silk Road have thrived. A report into online markets said drugs were higher purity than those bought off the street and with a feedback service just as respected as eBay’s, users had a better understanding of what they were purchasing.

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