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The world's first permanent 3D soundsystem space is opening in London

An audio-visual spot to engage the body's five senses

  • Dave Turner
  • 2 May 2018

Sensorium is the new immersive arts and events venue opening in Waterloo, London.

Aures London is the team behind the 3D soundsystem space, described as a "world's first", and promises to provide punters with a five-star audio-visual experience.

It'll be used for live music, corporate club nights, theatre, film screenings and photo shoots.

Pioneer Pro Audio XY speakers and 10 Powersoft amplifiers make up the soundsystem which is developed by Titan Reality™.

Sam Davis of Aures said: “Our system places every listener in the venue is in the ‘sweet spot’. Instead of having just two sound sources at the front of the room like most venues, we have 25 sound sources on either side room on three sound planes. This means the listener can enjoy the dynamic power of auditorium sound while having the intimate clarity of headphones.

“The tremendous success of Beats headphones demonstrates a growing demand for sound quality. However, where headphones, VR and online culture are increasingly solo experiences, Aures London is looking to create shared immersive experiences and bring social entertainment into the 21st century. ”

Aures wants to have an effect on the guests' whole body and plans to do this with the installation of a low frequency, vibrating haptic floor.

Find out more here and check some images of the space below.

Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter

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