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The wonderfully weird shit you need to do at Glastonbury

Cover yourself in the muddy madness

  • Words: Robert McCallum | Image: Getty
  • 24 June 2015
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2 The giant slide

There is always all manner of things to marvel at in the Greenpeace field, from the world's top skaters to fully functioning toilets and showers, however this year they also have a stomach turning 6.5-metre drop slide off a trawler ship as part of a 'Bycatch' campaign. You're going to have to dress up as a fish to join in the fun, but aid in that department will be provided. You'll be hooked.

3 Wheel of Four Tunes

Glastonbury is almost unmatched in the volume of things to see late at night, so much so that when you wake up the next day, you question if it actually ever happened at all. Add to that list the Wheel of Four Tunes. The duo performs on the Sensation Seekers Stage at various times across the weekend and the premise is fairly simple: two guys dressed as Power Rangers doing Wheel Of Fortune-driven karaoke. The Sensation Seekers Stage is in Bella's Field, and its motto says it is "where you'll find a whole bag of wrong, it's oh so right". It's a decent bet for finding the weird and the wonderful.

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