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The weird and wonderful looks of 2017

No black tees

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 10 November 2017

The DJ press shot cliches are well worn: shades or a 1000-yard-stare, monochrome colouring, a slight tilt of the head to look mournfully into the distance, pondering the weight of the universe.

But there are artists who break the mould, and this year we’ve had the delight of seeing some extravagant looks in press shots that would have the black-tee mafia quaking in their Doc Marten boots.

There’s been Arca covering his modesty with clay and staggering around on extended stilts; Sinjin Hawke embodying his futuristic music with an otherworldly, water-flecked aesthethetic; Bearcat warping her face into a squiggle; and Yung Lean showcasing his emotional scars with cuts and bruising make-up.

Reliable weird-dresser Björk also came through with a strap-on adorned outfit; Rødhåd caked himself in symbols; Stefflon Don wore a breathtaking coat in our May issue; and there’s been more besides.

Check out 10 of our favourite looks of 2017 below.

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