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The Top 50 Albums Of 2016

The LPs that made a mark this year

  • Mixmag staff
  • 16 December 2016
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5 Omar-S 'The Best' (FXHE)

In the hands of a lesser talent, calling your album 'The Best' might scream bravado. But listen to this masterclass in deep and poignant house and it's hard to argue.

4 The Avalanches 'Wildflower' (XL Recordings)

The Avalanches' second album was as charmingly shambolic as the 16-year recording process - but when it shone, it sounded like all you summers came at once.

3 Skepta 'Konnichiwa' (Boy Better Know)

If 2015 was frime's renaissance, 2016 delivered on that promise. And much of that was down to this Mercury prize-winning tour-de-force from one of the genre's original players.

2 Kornel Kovacs 'The Bells' (Studio Barnhus)

What's in the water in Stockholm? Nobody makes classy disco-infused house like the Swedes, and Kornel made the house album none of us could stop listening to in 2016.

1 Kaytranada '99.9%' (XL Recordings)

Kaytranada has been a respected producer and rfemixer for a hot minute, and in 2016 he more than proved he could cut it across a whole album. Kaytra's warm and hazy productions draw on classic boom-bap hip hop, but never descend into nostalgic parody. And on 99% he assembled a breathtaking list of collaborators and seriously upped his songwriting game. If this is the Canadian operating at 99 per cent, we can't until he gets to 100.

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