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The Secret DJ tells a story of taking magic mushrooms on a flight to Miami

Flying high in the sky

  • Words: The Secret DJ | Illustration: James Clapham
  • 27 March 2017
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“I feel floaty.”

“You’re flying,” he replied.

“Am I flying? That is amazing.”

“If you press that magic button up there a sexy woman appears.”

“Really?! That is also amazing. Can I try?”

“Please. Go crazy.”

“Hahahaha.” I pressed some buttons and a lovely lady appeared. I gestured towards my Tour Manager.

“He says I’m flying!”

“He’s quite correct Sir. You’re flying,” she replied.

“That is just … amazing.”

“It’s fairly commonplace, sir.”

“Oh no. That is very cynical, madam. It’s a beautiful thing. You should try it.” I turned to the seat next to me.

“AAAEEEE! He’s vanished!”

“I think he went to the lavatory, sir. Is there anything I can get for you?”

“Please, just bring him back! He’s not a bad person at all, just a bit different.”

“I’m right here you idiot,” came a voice.

“AAHH! How on earth do you do that!?”

“Well what happens is, you take loads of antique hallucinogens and I don’t.”

“Of course I did, you fool! I know that! And so did you.”

“You’re being an idiot, and no I didn’t.”

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