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The Identification of Music Group: Where no track is left undiscovered

Really, REALLY need that ID?

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  • 16 February 2017

You've just woken up. Last night was a cracking night out with all of your pals and the music was amazing (well, you think it was anyway). Your memory is hazy: you can only recall that the DJ was incredible, the tunes went off and you spent all of your time on the dancefloor surrounded by loved-up mates.

You reach for your phone, open Shazam and pray that you captured some of the fire that was dropped. But all you see is cheesy Euro pop that couldn't possibly have been played at the rave you went to (why does Shazam insist on doing that?!)

Never mind. You open up your videos. Thank god, there are three just-about-audible snapshots of the night and your memory is jogged slightly. But you want to listen to the tracks in high quality, Shazam is being fucking useless and none of your mates have a clue.

This is where The Identification of Music Group (IoMG) comes in, Facebook's newest superstar and an absolute goliath within the online music community. The purpose of the group is simple: post your shaky videos of tunes you want ID'd and let the 36,000-strong squad of music aficionados help you on your musical quest.

Started in May 2015, the group is now one of the most prominent hubs for electronic music fans on the social media platform. Nine times out of 10, you're going to get your tune identified and 99 per cent of the time it's a joy to watch people come together to ID some generally great music. Some posts generate hundreds of likes and it's a genuinely beautiful seeing new music get discovered.

It's remarkable to see how many tracks have been identified with merely an audio bite of someone humming, or even just a description of a track. Someone posted the letters 'G A L E' repeated by a female vocalist. Someone else suggested 'Glamorous' by Fergie and it was indeed correct despite the description being vague at best.

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